What Is A Valcambi Gold Combibar?

A Not So Distant Future, Perhaps….

Imagine that there came a day when we actually needed to use gold and silver like money?

Well, if that day ever happened how convenient would it be to have an ounce of gold that you could easily break off into tiny little pieces as needed?

Gold CombibarFor anyone who would like to have this option of having small amounts of gold on hand to purchase everyday items in case of an economic emergency, there’s a new gold bar now available in the U.S. called a CombiBar.

The Combibar is produced by Valcambi Gold which is a division of Valcambi Suisse; one of the largest and most respected gold refineries in the world. They have only recently begun to be marketed in the United States.

What Is A CombiBar?

It is a unique type of gold bullion bar because it is made up of 50 detachable 1 gram gold bars that are all linked together into one big bar which is only the size of a credit card!

If you are thinking about investing in silver and gold, the flexibility of this type of bar might appeal to you.

The Valcambi Gold Combibars are especially designed with precise break points so that the 1 gram pieces can be easily snapped apart and used as money in a financial crisis.

They are designed in such a way so that when the “micro gold bars” are broken off there is no loss of gold during the separation.

Each individual one gram bar is stamped with the weight and purity of 99.9 percent gold and has a certificate of authenticity.

The whole bar weighs 50 grams which is 1.607 troy ounces of gold and since it is the size of a credit card it can easily fit in the credit card slot of your wallet or in with yourperson holding a Valcambi Gold Combibaar cash for easy access.

The Combibar gives you a few options such as keeping it intact as a 50 gram bar, using a small group of 1 gram bars or having 50 separate 1 gram bars.

That’s a lot more convenient than carrying around a pocket full of gold coins.

Which brings me to this point…

Access To Small Amounts Of Gold For Everyday Needs In Your Pocket

Usually, people prefer to have silver in small denominations to use as money in a financial crisis over gold because traditionally the denominations of gold are pretty large. For instance, it would be pretty impractical to try and trade a gold bar or even a one ounce gold coin for most everyday items.

With this mini bar in your wallet, however, that wouldn’t be a problem. Since one gram of gold is equivalent to approximately 2 ounces of silver it makes this quite a practical alternative to carrying around large amounts of either silver or gold.

I’m thinking it’s not a bad idea to have one of these Gold Combibars on hand just in case. Owning these small gold bars gives you one more option and in my book, options are a good thing.

One square of a breakable gold bar.It turns out that these tiny gold bars have actually been pretty popular in Switzerland, Austria and Germany where people have nicknamed them “gold chocolate bars” because you can easily break off a chunk by hand and use it like money in a financial emergency.

For anyone interested in putting gold into an IRA, well, the Valcambi bar is also acceptable for a gold IRA.

How Do I Buy One Of These Combibars?

I only found out about this gold bar through Mike Maloney at GoldSilver.com. They are an online precious metals bullion dealer that emphasizes education about precious metals.  After all, Mike wrote the book Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.

You can easily go to GoldSilver.com and either purchase online or call and speak to one of their representatives. I’ve bought gold and silver from them before and the online process is very simple.

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