3 Benefits of Converting Your IRA to Gold Now

If you are planning for your retirement, or you’ve begun some form of a retirement account, then it might be in your best interest to convert that account to a self-directed IRA, also know as a gold IRA, as soon as possible.

Gold is a stabilizing force to help you retain the buying power that you have worked so hard for and don’t want to lose!

Are you ready to convert your IRA to physical metals but don’t know what the first step should be?

Contacting a trustworthy Precious Metals Specialist to handle the whole process is essential.

Now to discuss the benefits of turning your current IRA into a precious metals IRA account.

As you probably know this process is known as a gold IRA rollover.

There are three main benefits that I have researched which I will explain to you in this article.

Let’s get into the specific details right now…

1. Large Countries and Institutions Are Currently Hoarding Gold

Yes, you read that correctly. Some of the largest countries in the world are currently purchasing gold at a rapid pace.

The two countries that immediately spring to mind are China and Russia. They have both been acquiring it on a massive scale, and they have been doing this because of all of the economic turmoil taking place throughout the world.

Why would they need to hoard this? And why is this a reason for you to put physical gold in your IRA?

These are very good questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them now…

The reason large institutional investors and big countries such as China and Russia are hoarding their precious metals are very simple.

For starters, even though it currently looks like the economy is turning around, there are still many countries in a great deal of trouble from a financial standpoint.

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It may look like everything is going great in the United States of America at this time, but that’s all just smoke and mirrors.

Sure, there has been some improvement in the job market. The housing market has also started to turn around. But ultimately, there are still many people out of work and since most of the American jobs are now outsourced overseas, there aren’t many ways for these out of work employees to earn a living.

So there’s always a possibility that the US economy will continue to falter because of all the negativity from the past.

Let’s not forget about the massive amount of debt the US finds itself in. That’s reason enough to convert to a Precious Metals IRA. If the US dollar ever fails, you’ll need some way to protect yourself financially. A self-directed individual retirement account will certainly suffice.

You can guarantee that gold is the way to protect yourself. It’s a universally accepted form of currency, accepted all around the world, and it’s never going to lose its value as a way to trade. Through 5,000 years gold has kept its intrinsic value.

Let’s move onto the second question…

Why is hoarding a good reason for you to put physical gold in your retirement account?

Well, with all of the hoarding taking place, it’s worth it to buy for the long term.

You see, these large countries and institutional investors are buying it by the ton. And because of this, it is rapidly rising in value at certain periods of time.

When these massive purchases take place, you’ll see this precious metal rise in value by hundreds of dollars per ounce.

If you were to find the best place to buy gold now and hold onto it, it will rise massively in value and really provide you with a nice return on your investment.

But that’s certainly not all…

2. Gold Is an Incredible Safe Haven Investment

If someone were to ask me the safest form of currency on the face of the earth, I’d have to tell them that it’s gold, silver and other precious metals. But more than anything else, gold is the king as far as currencies are concerned.

Why is it so highly valued?

That’s difficult to explain. But ultimately, it has such a high value because it is a universally accepted form of currency that will never go out of fashion.

How do I know this? I know this because it has been accepted as a form of currency since trading has begun. I mean all throughout history, and not just over the last few hundred years since America has come into existence.

Gold has been accepted as currency for thousands of years, and it will continue to be this way for many thousands of years to come.

But wait. There’s more…

3.  Gold Is an Amazing Hedge against Inflation

Take a moment to look at the value of the US dollar, and then compare it with the current price of gold. Look at today’s figures and see what you notice.

As gold rises in value, the US dollar tends to fall. Both of these markets play off of one another on a regular basis. It’s very rare for the two to deviate from this pattern.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that if you’re worried about inflation, then you should immediately convert your retirement accounts to physical gold because of one thing…

As the US dollar loses value, which causes more inflation, the value of this precious metal will rise and protect your net worth against this unwanted inevitability.

These are the three benefits of converting your IRA to gold. I hope you see the true value in this type of investment and take action by clicking the link below.

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